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DIY Sheep Crafts | Top Coffee Mugs Sheep Enthusiasts | Shepherd Like A Girl

It’s turned to Autumn and winter is swiftly approaching here in Montana. It’s time to stack and tarp winter hay for the sheep, and get the Icelandic rams in with their designated breeding groups of ewes.

There has already been a few false freezes and snow squalls here and I’m hanging on to every ounce of “not-winter” that I can before we’re completely blanketed in the quiet whiteness of snow all around.

The holidays are right around the corner, and with that comes almost contestant busy-ness… places to be, things to do, gifts to wrap, packages to ship. And, these times – the quiet time before the chaos – remind me of the importance of taking pleasure in small indulgences.

Small indulgences like the dreamily familiar smell of a chai tea or the stimulating richness of brewing coffee simply brings me back to a quiet moment. Ahh! 🙂

And there’s almost nothing better than enjoying a “moment” with a hot cup of your favorite beverage, right?! And the only thing that can make THAT moment better is the PERFECT mug!

So, I’ve put together my top 5 best mugs for the fiberista, craft lover, sheepherd, shepherdess, sheep enthusiast, and fiber artist. Check it out:


My Top 5 Mugs for the Sheep Enthusiast, Shepherd & Fiber Artist

Ok sheepy-peeps! Here are my top 5 picks for the BEST sheep mugs for your coffee, tea, cider, eggnog, hot brews, and what-have-you!

DIY Sheep Crafts | Top Coffee Mugs Sheep Enthusiasts | Shepherd Like A Girl

Maple Lane Pottery – Sheep Mug

This sheep pottery is made by Maple Lane Pottery – a stoneware clay pottery inspired by the animals and farm life that the potter has lived her whole life.

You can get a mug for $30 from Maple Lane Pottery‘s website.

DIY Sheep Crafts | Top Coffee Mugs Sheep Enthusiasts | Shepherd Like A Girl

Sundance Pottery Shop – Baa Baa Black Sheep Mug

Each “curl” is individually made and attached, one by one to create Baa Baa Black Sheep, a unique holder for your drinking experience. Handmade with patience and love, this piece begins on the wheel, before the addition of clay forms are added, it is then bisque fired. After cooling, hand painted oxides are added to the exterior and a beautiful food safe blueberry glaze is painted on the interior. It is then fired once more. Baa Baa Black Sheep measures approximately 3.75 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide holding about 1.5 cups. He/She will keep your warm beverages toasty!

Get if for $68 from Sundance Pottery Shop on Etsy.

DIY Sheep Crafts | Top Coffee Mugs Sheep Enthusiasts | Shepherd Like A Girl

The Art of Vicki Sawyer – Bianca Mug & Gift Boxed

For love of all things animal, this mug was inspired by the wild imagination of the thought that if birds can build nests, then they could make hats. With beautiful contrasting colors, this mug portrays a sweet sheep. Vicky Sawyer is an artist and a dreamer. She creates fantastical imagery combining birds, animals and other bits of nature into whimsical compositions that will make you smile.

You can get the Bianca sheep mug and gift box from Paperproducts Design on Amazon for $19.

DIY Sheep Crafts | Top Coffee Mugs Sheep Enthusiasts | Shepherd Like A Girl

Applewood Pottery GA – Stoneware Sheep Mug

Handmade stoneware mug with sheep image. The sheep stamp was hand carved exclusive to Applewood Pottery GA.
The mug is handmade in a small  North Georgia mountains studio. Holds approximately 14 oz.

$23 gets you this lovely mug from Applewood Pottery GA on Etsy.

DIY Sheep Crafts | Top Coffee Mugs Sheep Enthusiasts | Shepherd Like A Girl

JoAnn Stratakos – Wooliam the Sheep Mug

Share sleepytime sips with a sheepish drinking buddy in this stoneware mug handmade in Pennsylvania. Reminding us we’re all a little wooly at the end of the day is artist JoAnn Stratakos’s charming stoneware sheep mug. Crafted on a potter’s wheel in rural Pennsylvania, this drinking vessel is hand-dipped to order. Subtle variations throughout the glazing process ensures that every Wooliam is a one-of-a-kind drinking buddy. Handmade in Effort, Pennsylvania.

Get your Wooliam sheep mug for $40 on UncommonGoods.

Looking for more sheep  mugs?

If you’re wanting to shop great bargains on a large variety of sheep mugs, check out, and! They each have great selections and you can order multiples of the same mug for a reasonably low cost.

Show me your favorite sheep mug! Head of to the DIY Sheep Crafts community on Facebook <3

And remember to always…

Shepherd Like a Girl!




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