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Free Membership Month to Skyrocket your Handmade Business

My mission with Shepherd Like A Girl is to support handmade crafters, artists and makers just LIKE YOU! 

WHY? Because there’s a pandemic going on right now… 

And no, I’m not talking about Covid-19. I’m talking about something that has been brewing worldwide for a while now. 

I see it everywhere I look, in almost every store I go into. 

What is it you ask? It’s mindless consumerism. It’s people not valuing the products they buy. It’s all the wasteful, and not sustainable products that are thrown in our faces everywhere we go. It’s the cheap, throw away mentality that has been growing.  

And I know as a crafter we have to rise up against this! 

I’m asking you (yes, YOU) to rise up. 

You’re the hero to this pandemic. 

You make things that are valuable, thoughtful, and will make an impact on someone’s life.

Even if it is “just” a handmade quilt that a grandma will buy for her new granddaughter that will then be passed down to her own daughter one day.

Even if it is “just” a beautiful pair of handmade earrings that you can’t find anywhere else. 

This is your time to shine! 

It’s time to rise up and show the value and NEED for what it is that you create.

That doesn’t mean that everyone out there is going to get it.

You’ll always get people who are going to tell you what you make is too expensive. They’re NOT your people. 

They’re not the people who you’re going to touch their lives with your handmade products. 

I’m talking about the people who need the extra push. They need help to see there’s an alternative to the throwaway lifestyle that is slowly becoming our new normal.

They need to be shown that there’s a different way of living, showing and respecting what they buy for themselves and their families.  

But I know you can’t do this alone, so it’s also my time to stand up and support you doing this.

I want to invite you to my mini-membership experience.

It is completely FREE and right in my Facebook Group Start & Grow Your Handmade Craft Business VIP Community with Amika Ryan.

I’m running it for the WHOLE month of April and it’s going to be jam packed with value for you with many free trainings and resources. 

What is this free monthly membership going to do for you?

It will help you:

  1. Sell more effectively to your customers 
  2. GROW your audience of potential customers 
  3. Diversify your income 

How are we going to do this?

  1. Community – Being in a community of like minded people will help you grow more quickly.
  2. Accountability – Myself and the other members of the community will help hold you to your business goals. 
  3. Canva Templates – I will help you save so much time by making social media templates for you. All you have to do is edit a few things and it will be on brand for your biz!
  4. Masterclasses – I am bringing in a secret expert. Stay tuned 😉
  5. Q&As – I will be hosting many LIVE Q&As to go over REAL examples of what you are struggling with in your business. I’ve had my handmade business for years so I can help you cover anything!
  6. Account Audits – You can submit your social media accounts or website and I will audit them for you. You’ll get back actionable advice on what can be improved so you can start attracting more customers. 
  7. Coaching – I will be going LIVE with 2-3 lucky people and doing free coaching on anything in their business. We can talk about what the next steps that need to be taken are, what roadblocks they may be running into, or how to improve their mindset. Nothing is off limits!

We’ve transformed our Facebook group into the Handmade Hero Hamlet!

So if growing your business with other Handmade Heroes in the Hamlet with Experience Points, Quest Kits, and more geeky things sounds like your jam…

Then get your booty over to the GROUP.

I promise that you’re going to see some amazing transformations over this next month!

Why am I doing this? Because this is how I can do my part im supporting YOU, the handmade hero, in growing your handmade business and thriving in this uncertain time.

I’ve got your back. Let’s do this together!

And the best part is, it’s totally FREE for the month of April. No sign up required.

So what are you waiting for?! Join our Facebook Group now!

Amika teaches online courses and workshops for craft business owners, artists and fiber enthusiasts to help them create sustainable and profitable handmade businesses. She's dedicated to helping you succeed with your handmade craft business in the noisy online space that is the internet today.