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Growing Your Handmade Craft Business with Giveaways on Social Media

Expand your social following and make more sales through these amazingly simple, yet effective Giveaway strategies!

Picture this: you’re posting great content consistently to your audience’s feeds… you generate some interest here and there, but you’re not ready to spend much on paid advertising just yet… but you want to grow more — in fact, you’re ready to grow more!

You’re just not sure how to do that.

Well, I’m here to show you exactly that!

The Beauty of Social Media Giveaways

When you create an enticing, well-thought-out giveaway for your ideal customer (following the steps below), you will not only grow your social media presence but also increase your selling power without spending a dime on advertising.

That’s because your current followers will do it for you! PLUS, when done correctly, giveaways are a great opportunity to engage with your current audience and have some serious fun! 

But, many times, small businesses (and even those social media influencers) make huge mistakes in their giveaways.

Avoid These Common Giveaway Mistakes

When it comes to enticing, engaging, and retaining new followers and customers, it’s imperative that you bring them the highest value possible. So, make sure to avoid these common mistakes when doing your next giveaway:

Mistake #1: Not Having the Right Giveaway

Remember, giveaways are for your ideal customer — that may be following you or is closely connected with someone who is and will tag them in the post/share with them! 

You want to entice the old and new potential customers to participate! 

How do you do this? Make sure what you’re giving away is something they truly want, need, or would enjoy. 

They’ll see the prize and want to share/participate, so make it easy for them to do so.

Also, be sure that you’re sharing on the platform your ideal audience is on, not just the one you like to use.

Mistake #2: Sitting Back and Doing Nothing

Remember when I said giveaways are a great opportunity to engage and connect with your current and future audiences? Well, that type of engagement takes effort! 

Be sure to make time to spend on it. Your audience will notice if you are really excited to be sharing this prize with them or if you are just doing it to gain a bigger following… bring them value and energy with everything you do!

Mistake #3: Not Having a Call to Action When the Giveaway Ends

The giveaways done, the prize has been shipped out, so now what happens? Giveaways are more than just getting new followers. 

Be sure to tell all those that participated WHAT to do after the winner is announced to keep them from tapping that unfollow button after they didn’t win.

Top Three Types of Giveaways

Now that you know what not to do, here are my favorite types of giveaway strategies to gain more followers, provide massive value, and connect with my current audience in a whole new way!

#1: The BIG Value Giveaway

When creating your giveaway prize for this strategy, think about how can you make your followers say, “so much good stuff,” “I can’t believe this prize,” “winning this would be a game-changer.” In order to do this, you must provide HUGE value in your prize way beyond your average order… actually, think about multiplying your average order’s value by three!

#2: The Collab Giveaway

Collaborating with another Handmade Hero that sells different products to your same ideal customer will double your ability to get in front of new audiences. After all, you’re already in front of their audience already. However, make sure the collab contributions are shared equally, and that the entry requirements are the same for each set of followers.

#3: The Weekly Giveaway

This type of consistent giveaway keeps your followers constantly engaged and checking your feed out of habit. This is easily done by giving away something small but with great value each week to keep your audience excited to check in with you (virtually).

My Giveaway to You!

If I haven’t hit on this enough throughout the post, social media giveaways are a great opportunity to bring more value to your ideal customer. And what kind of influence would I be if I didn’t do just that after giving you all these amazing tips? So I have one more giveaway for you:  

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