DIY Sheep Crafts | top 4 myths about starting your profitable online craft store | Shepherd Like A Girl

Top 4 Myths About Starting Your Profitable Online Craft Store

DIY Sheep Crafts | top 4 myths about starting your profitable online craft store | Shepherd Like A Girl

Are you thinking about starting an online business by making and selling handmade crafts made from fiber, wool, sheep milk, sheepskins, or another fiber-related craft? Or maybe you already have an online store, but you want to make more money?

Do NOT let these 4 Myths stop you from achieving you BIGGEST business goals.

Top 4 Myths About

Starting Your Profitable Online Craft Store

Check out these Four Myths About Starting Your Profitable Online Craft Business, and be sure to grab the FREE worksheet that will help you Get Laser Focused on Achieving Your Biggest Goals!

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Myth 1: Build It and They Will Come

Even if you have a great product, you can’t just expect to put it out somewhere on the internet and profitably sell. The truth is, nobody will find your wonderful products unless you find the right customers and drive traffic!

Did you know that 400 thousand new businesses are established every year? And yes, some of these are handmade craft businesses. So, there’s probably a lot of competition out there, and endless options for buyers to choose from!

You have to have a strategic plan to be successful that involves marketing your product to your ideal customers. Niche-down and create compelling marketing messages that speak to ONE type of person, not everybody. Remember, when you try to speak to EVERYBODY, you’re really speaking to NOBODY.


Myth 2: Starting a Profitable Business Takes a Lot of Time

I’m sure you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule. In relation to your online business, you can apply the 80/20 rule by saying that about eighty percent of your success is a result of only twenty percent of your actions.

Another way of looking at it is that eighty percent of your time and effort is not going directly toward making YOU more money!

Don’t get sucked down rabbit holes! The internet is full of ways to get distracted – social media, endless information, answering emails, etc. It can be difficult to prioritize your resources when you don’t have a clear goal and the step-by-step plan to get you to achieving goal.

You may be wondering, “But Amika, how can I make more money AND spend less time on my business?” I’m here to yell you, YOU totally can. Again, it comes down to being laser focused on your goals and having a plan.

Start by writing down a goal for your online craft business. Be specific. For example, “I want to make $1,000 in sales by the end of this month.” Then, write the steps it will take for you to get all the way to THAT goal.

Another tip is to try to only focus on those revenue-generating activities. Stay away from the busy work that is NOT a priority. At least for a little while… the laundry can wait!


Myth 3: Selling Online is Expensive

If you’ve never built a profitable online business before, it can be a little overwhelming not knowing where to allocate your resources. You’re probably going to be either investing a bit of money, or a bit of time getting your craft store off the ground and gaining consistent sales growth.

Sure, if you are paying a designer a hefty amount to design your logo, packaging, and website, it can be expensive. And then there are the costs of supplies, software, credit card fees, website hosting, advertising, etc! Costs can easily get out of control and keep your handmade business in the red.

But, it doesn’t have to be expensive to start your profitable online business. I’m definitely an advocate of starting where you are and working your way up! Realize that you are probably going to start out spending a lot of your own time getting things headed in the right direction if you are not able to invest a bunch of money having someone else do it for you.

As your business grows and makes you more money, then yea, spurge on a little more help, better packaging, a better website, and whatever else makes you happy. But, until then, I know that YOU are capable of creating a killer online store for your handmade crafts! And honestly, nobody but YOU will be able to get your business started with the love and care that YOU can.

Here’s some tips to keep start-up costs under control. Start by creating your own graphics in Canva, or printing your own packaging labels at home. It’s also easy to get started selling your products with organic marketing, instead of paying for ads.


Myth 4: The Tech is Just Too Complicated

Oh boy (err, girl)… This is a BIG one!

The technical part of starting your profitable online craft store can be completely daunting. What email service should you use? How can you process payments? How do you set up your website? What about graphic design? Making video? Automation? Scaling? Legal requirements?

Time to take a deep breath. I know that the tech and red tape involved in starting a business, especially online, can seem hard, but I’m confident that when you have a dream that you are completely committed to, that you’ll find a way to make everything come together! Just remember, you need a plan!

There’s tons of support out there on the internet to get you through the tech stuff. Usually, there are free tech tutorials that the service provider offers, showing you how to setup their service and troubleshoot any frequent problem areas.

I know you can do it! Don’t let a little thing like tech stop you from starting your profitable handmade craft store!

It all comes down to HOW BAD YOU WANT IT!

Do you want to turn your hobby into a money-making business? If yes, then you need to have a clear vision of your dream and set some goals to get there.

That’s why I’ve put together this FREE download for you. It’s a Weekly Action Planner to Get Laser Focused on Achieving Your Biggest Goals!

Download the Weekly Action Planner for FREE

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