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The Key Element Your Handmade Craft Business Needs to Be Successful

Are you a crafter, artist, or maker that’s trying to get your handmade business off the ground?

Do you feel like your craft business should be making more sales?

Then you’re in the right place because I’m going to let you in on the number one thing your business NEEDS to be successful…


But first, I want to share with you a story that helped me come up with this key element that all businesses need. 

When I was in college for business and marketing, I’d choose the courses I had to take based on whether participation was counted towards the grade or not. I’d sign up for the class that didn’t require it solely to avoid speaking because I was mortified of speaking in front of the whole class.

Well, luck would have it that I had to take one communications class to graduate with my undergrad degree. I remember always being so nervous before speaking that I’d rather be ANYWHERE else. 

I made it through the course but fast forward a few years later, while in my MBA, and I had to do tons and tons more speaking… my nerves had not gone away, but I noticed that some presentations I had to make were easier than others. 

What I found was that those that were the easiest, were ones that I really cared about the subject matter. I totally poured my heart into creating the best, most thorough presentation. 

I still didn’t love presenting, but I did start to feel more comfortable speaking on things I felt passionate about. And here’s what I discovered…

When your actions are ALIGNED with your passion and purpose, things don’t seem as scary or hard.

The same holds true in my business. I have to do many things that make me feel uncomfortable, like creating live videos. 

But, aligning my purpose and passion with what’s going to best help my audience has made it much easier for me to grow my business with less fear. 

So how do you know if you’re in alignment?


Here are 5 signs to tell you if you’re in alignment with your business:

1. You’re doing this business because you want to.

Are you starting your craft business because it’s your idea or are you doing it because someone else suggested you should? A quick way to check is, do you say “I should be…” or do you say “I want to…”

If your aim for your craft business is borrowed, you’ll feel like you’re chasing something that’s not true to you and it’ll be harder to show up to progress your business forward.

My advice here is to choose something that brings you joy AND brings joy to your audience – not just brings joy to your audience.

2. You love the product you’re creating. 

You know you’re aligned with your business, when you simply love promoting your product. You know that it was truly created with love and passion and the person you are creating it for will appreciate it. 

It shouldn’t feel like you are burdening people when you talk about your craft, it should excite you.

If it doesn’t excite you, then you haven’t chosen the right product…YET. It’s okay to make pivots in your business and move closer to alignment. Don’t give up until you find it!

3. You’re clear on your goals and priorities.

When you’re passionate about your craft, you set clear goals for yourself and your business. It will feel easy to prioritize what your next steps will be without feeling it like a chore.

Now, I’m not saying that when you are in alignment that running a business will be easy – it’s actually the exact opposite. But, you will feel more inspired and fired up on the goals you have set.

When you have clear goals, you will want to achieve them now and not just “some day.”

4. You’re inspired to take action.

Now that your goals and priorities are clear, alignment in your business leaves you feeling ready to continue forward. You will feel a fire to start setting everything into motion. 

If you feel like you are dragging your feet, or can’t even get started, this is a huge sign that your alignment is off.

Now, having fear of starting or progressing a new business is totally normal. However, if it’s totally stopping you, then it’s time to relook at your purpose and passion behind why you’re starting your business. 

5. You feel great showing up.

Showing up as the leader of a business or the marker behind a craft can be scary, but when you’re in alignment, the positive feelings you get from your business outweigh the negative. 

Alignment improves your efficiency, delivery, and effectiveness and inherently improves customers’ respect for you as well. This in turn makes showing up for your audience feel rewarding. 

Overall, when your business is in alignment with your passion and purpose, you’re setting yourself up for success. I know it took me a little while to find my alignment, but when I did things really started turning around. Now it’s time for you to find yours too!

But wait, are you not sure how to fully get started? I’ve you covered craft boss!

Amika Ryan - Shepherd Like A Girl

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