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Hobby to Business

Turn Your Craft Hobby into a Business mini-Training with Amika Ryan | Shepherd like a girlDon’t know where to start? Turn your craft hobby into a business and go from zero to sales in under one week!

Plan for Profit Challenge

Plan for Profit with Amika Ryan | Shepherd like a girlGet the tools you need to set goals and get EVERYTHING done (without the overwhelm) in a simple system!

CYPCB Program

Create Your Profitable Craft Business with Amika Ryan | Shepherd like a girlThe ultimate course for Handmade Craft Business Owners to get noticed, attract the right customers & profit!

Get on the fast-track to massive growth & fulfillment with personal one-on-one coaching tailored for you and your business.

Spaces for coaching are extremely limited. Right now there’s only one spot available.

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