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Hi. I'm Amika!

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If you’re a crafter, artist or maker then you’re in the right place because I’m going to help you start and grow your profitable handmade business so you can make a consistent income doing what you LOVE!

I’m an EXPERT craft biz owner and the founder of my own small Icelandic sheep ranching business in Southwestern Montana, USA.

I’ve uncovered the blueprint for what it takes to make a handmade business thrive in today’s digital world.

And if you stick with me, I’ll show you how to easily create products that sell and seamlessly implement industry-proven strategies in your own handmade businesses so you can stop trading your time for money!

See you soon and… Happy Crafting

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3 Things Your Video Tutorial Needs to Reach MAX Sales

One HUGE thing I’ve learned the hard from creating my own handmade video tutorials and working with my students, is why some video tutorials don’t convert, i.e. they don’t sell. There’s nothing worse than putting all your hard work and time into creating a video tutorial, putting it out into the world, and then hearing […]

The One Secret to Having the Confidence to Start Your Handmade Business

 Are you a crafter, artist, or maker? Do you sometimes fear the criticism people may have for your handmade products? I hear you, because I used to have that same fear! When you put so much time, effort, and love into your craft and put it out there for people to buy, of course […]

4 Myths That Will Keep You from Creating Your First Video Craft Tutorial

  4 Myths That Will Keep You from Creating Your First Video Craft Tutorial Have you ever thought about creating a tutorial of you making your handmade craft to sell online? Now many of us crafters, artists, and makers think about teaching our craft to others so we can sell it and make extra money […]

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