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5 Reasons Why You Should Market Your Business On Pinterest

This platform is more than just DIY projects and delicious recipes… find out what more your favorite board can do for you!

While searching for ways to grow your business, you may have stumbled across paid traffic, boosted posts, keywords algorithms, and plenty more confusing tactics the internet has arranged. 

And while all of these strategies can help you grow your handmade craft business, there’s one tool you might not have thought of.


Yes! You 100% can and should market your business on Pinterest. 

Aside from housing the majority of your target market, Pinterest is a simple-to-use platform with many benefits over the more popular marketing strategies. For starters…

Pinterest is a Search Engine

Your content can be found even if people aren’t following you. Every day, new people are actually searching for your content, even if they have no idea who you are! 

They’re using this search engine as a way to plan their next chapter, and your content is going to help them do it. All you have to do is post it with the right keywords!

Pinners Have Money to Spend

When I’m planning a new DIY project, date night meal, or vacation event; I don’t go to Facebook or Instagram… I go to Pinterest. 

I already have the money saved up, but now I just need the ideas. And I’m not alone. 

Over 90% of people who go to Pinterest are looking for inspiration to buy — it’s completely organic to be selling on there.

Plus, now Pinterest even has a “shop” section where your products for sale can show up. It makes it super easy for pinners to see the price and product. Just be sure to set up “rich pins” to allow your pins to be shoppable. 

Your Content is Evergreen on Pinterest

Once you’ve pinned it, you’ve pinned it for life. Whether it’s been 2 minutes or 2 years, your content can still be found, provide value, and bring you new traffic. 

Can you say the same for other platforms? No — they were designed to last 24-48 hours before “the next big thing” pops up.

People Can Share Your Content Easily

People can easily share directly from your site to Pinterest. And, as you now know, once saved, it’s saved forever. 

But now, you have not only pinned it, but others will be repinning your pins for you! And the cycle continues.

Free Traffic

Do you know what else those other social/marketing platforms do to help grow your business? Charge you for it. Pinterest, however, not only drives new traffic your way, but it does so for FREE! 

While yes, you can pay to promote pins, but when done correctly, all of the site traffic that you receive could be FREE traffic. I’ve done it and I continue to teach my students how to do it in the Handmade Hero Hamlet

When it comes to growing your business without stress, or paying out of pocket, generating traffic from this terrific Social Search Engine is every Handmade Heros dream come true. 

If you’re still reading this article instead of pinning away, what are you waiting for?! There’s no better time to reach your audience, provide value, and generate new growth than RIGHT NOW! 

Amika teaches online courses and workshops for craft business owners, artists and fiber enthusiasts to help them create sustainable and profitable handmade businesses. She's dedicated to helping you succeed with your handmade craft business in the noisy online space that is the internet today.