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Become a Master Crafter and Explode Your Handmade Business

How do you go from craft hobbyist to Master Crafter? By following this simple Master Crafter Checklist!

So you’ve been doing this craft hobby for a while now. Friends and family have loved your work and even bought a few items! You start to think this could really be a source of income for you… if only you knew how to get started.

You have so many craft ideas! But… aren’t there a ton of small craft businesses popping up? How can you stand out? (Pssst — the answer’s right below here)

👉 By Becoming a MASTER CRAFTER
… and following this simple checklist to explode your business

5 Reasons to Grow Your Online Shop with Your One Mastercraft

What does it mean to be a Master Crafter?

It means it’s time to get really clear on what you make and start attracting potential customers. The RIGHT potential customers. But, you cannot start attracting the RIGHT following, customers, or audience until you know exactly what your master craft is!

You’ll Be the Expert

By focusing on a narrow assortment of crafts, you become fully ingrained and knowledgeable in that specific category. You’ll know the in’s + out’s of care tips, what to look for, how to market, and who your ideal customer is.

You’ll Become the Go-to-Shop for Your Product

Would you rather be the shop that has a little bit of everything I sometimes visit, or that one shop I’d absolutely recommend to any friend asking where I buy my tassel earrings?
There are thousands of shops competing in your similar space, so stand out by perfecting your small assortment better than the general stores can.

You’ll Build Trust

When I see vendors at craft shows come in and pitch everything under the sun, I often wondered if they were just selling anything that would potentially make them money.

It became hard to trust them (and the quality of their products). Build trust with your potential customers through honesty — these few items are what you do best, and you’re not going to provide anything less than your best.

You’ll Spend Less Overhead on Materials

Ever buy supplies, thinking you’ll need something for X,Y, Z; only to find when it doesn’t pan-out and you’re left with a mess of unused material?

Well, when you’re narrow and focused, you’re using the same supplies again and again.

This way, if you overbought supplies and the sales didn’t quite come through, you know you’ll still be using them next month — saving you time, money, and frustration.

You’ll Eliminate Decision Fatigue

Having a variety in life is often a double-edged sword. Many people want a selection to choose from, but having too many choices can be paralyzing… for both you and your customers.
Keep the arrangements small and manageable to avoid overwhelm (for you both).

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Here’s Your Complete Master Crafter Checklist

When it comes to narrowing your focus and choosing your best crafts to grow your business, you may feel lost at first. And that’s okay!

Just follow this brief checklist and journal/brainstorm your ideas to get started:

1. Identify Your Master Craft Focus
Choose one product and one style that you absolutely love and are skilled at creating. With time, you can include more variety. But for now, stick to your zone of genius to help narrow your focus to what’s important.

2. Identify Your WHY
Understanding why you are creating something on a deep level will not only help you narrow your focus but also increase credibility with your future customers. Most people don’t just buy a product, they buy the ‘why’ behind it.

3. Lock-In Your Brand/Biz Name
This includes everything from a URL, FB, IG, Pinterest, Twitter handles, and more! Create consistency throughout your social media platforms, and make sure it aligns with the product/style you chose earlier.

That’s it!

Now, you are on your way to becoming a Master Crafter and exploding your handmade business to new heights.

Stay locked-in my Handmade Hero, and if you want more helpful tips on growing your small handmade crafts business, join my VIP Facebook group with other likeminded crafters!

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