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Develop a Success-Oriented Mindset to Failure Proof Your Handmade Business

Ever wonder how the most successful Handmade Heroes got to be where they are? Was there a secret sauce they added to their business plan that you haven’t discovered yet… or were they just lucky?

I can tell you from personal experience, successful business owners aren’t “just lucky.” 

In fact, they are probably the ones who have come across the most treacherous of obstacles. 

BUT, they had the right success-oriented mindset to help push them through the tough times and failure-proof their handmade business.

And you can use these types of mindset and failure-proof strategies to help take your handmade business to the next level too! Grab a pen and some paper (oh yes, we’re going old school today), and write down all the ways you can use the following strategies in your craft business:

👉  Think of Failure as a Learning Opportunity

In school, we were taught that failure was a bad thing. A poor grade on a test, a sign you did something wrong, or the risk of falling behind your friends… but, failure is a learning opportunity in the real world. Successful business owners have reframed how they view failure, making it much easier for them to take risks (and find success).

Think of your most recent “failure.” What can you learn from it? How can you use this learning opportunity to get better — create a plan to get started ASAP.

👉  Keep a Folder of Your Proudest Moments

Our brains are programmed to remember the bad experiences over the good ones. That’s why it was probably really easy to think of your past failures just now… and why so many people preach the “stay present” mindset to avoid spiraling down a hole of bad memories.

While it’s important to focus on the present and future instead of the past, maintaining a collection of moments you’re proud of can serve as a helpful reminder when you’re feeling down. 

Write down at least 5 moments you were proud of yourself and your craft business right now, and add onto it whenever that feeling of pride peaks its pretty head into your thoughts.

👉  Find Time to Disconnect from Stressors

This is a MUST. You should find time to disconnect from work-related stress. I know for many of us our stress reliever is crafting, but when trying to clear our mind and relieve stress, make sure you aren’t creating something for your business or customers.

Think of your favorite activities or hobbies outside of your craft business that you can incorporate regularly to de-stress. Write them down, then schedule them with a friend (or keep it to yourself, I won’t tell).

👉  Develop a Simple Morning Routine

Your morning has the power to make or break your entire day. So, wake up on the right side of the bed by creating a simple morning routine that positions you to have a successful day. It can be as simple as carving out 5 minutes of journal time to plan your day or taking a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood.

Whatever your routine, make sure it works for you

Don’t try to follow someone else’s morning routine, as their schedules differ wildly from yours. Think of 3 things you can add to/subtract from your morning to ease into the chaos of the day and jumpstart your routine and write them down now.

👉  Set Time-Bound and Achievable Goals

Goals keep you moving forward. But, goals without deadlines are just dreams. Be sure to set due dates on your goals and go after them. Once you’ve reached a goal or milestone, build upon it by setting another one.

These goals should be stretch, yet attainable. If you are constantly knocking your goals out of the park, maybe they’re not big enough. On the flip side, if you are struggling to even meet your first goal, maybe it’s time to shrink it into more manageable action steps. What are the 3 goals you have for your craft business? When would you like to accomplish them? Write it down to keep yourself accountable.

When it comes to transitioning to a Growth Mindset, it may take a few tries before you really see results. That’s because re-training our brain is hard and takes a lot of effort to accomplish. 

BUT, it can be done. 

Take your notes and create a plan of how you can incorporate each of these strategies into your next big project (or even your next week of crafting). While it may take some getting used to, your future successful self will thank you!

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