4 Myths That Will Keep You from Creating Your First Video Craft Tutorial

4 Myths That Will Keep You from Creating Your First Video Craft Tutorial


4 Myths That Will Keep You from Creating Your First Video Craft Tutorial

4 Myths That Will Keep You from Creating Your First Video Craft Tutorial

Have you ever thought about creating a tutorial of you making your handmade craft to sell online?

Now many of us crafters, artists, and makers think about teaching our craft to others so we can sell it and make extra money in our business. It’s a great way to supplement our income and make consistent money, passively.

However, there are 4 myths that I’m going to share with you right now that might be stopping you from achieving your biggest business goals. 

So let’s hop into those so you can move past them and get your handmade craft tutorial business started!

Myth 1: Build It and They Will Come

Now, you might think that if you put all this work, love and energy into making videos of you making your craft, plus creating a cool workbook with it to go with it, people will find you on the internet and start paying for it.

You may think that if you just put it out there, then your customers will find it.

But, I’ve learned the hard way that it doesn’t quite work like that!

The step I was missing was that I needed to get specific about who I was creating this video for. You see, you need to speak to one type of person and create your messaging with just them in mind. 

They’re going to be that perfect person who, not only wants to learn from someone who’s done this before, but they also want to also the exact steps to creating this craft from YOU. The

 learning needs to be quick and easy. 

But, they also want to feel a connection to their teacher (you), and start to build a relationship. Your ideal customer wants to know that you GET them and that you’re going to deliver “the goods” reliably. You need to create TRUST!

You also want to keep in mind how they are going to feel as they’re making the craft. Or, how the person they’re making it for is going to feel. 

Your job is to paint a picture of what that person will achieve with your video and how they, the maker, will feel.

When you speak to everybody, you’re actually speaking to nobody.

But when you get specific and talk directly to one person, they will see why they need this tutorial from YOU and that you’re the person that will directly solving their problem. 

Now remember, if you build it they will NOT come. You need to get specific with who you are talking to and only speaking to that one type of person. 

Myth 2: Selling Your Tutorial Online is Expensive

You may be wondering, “If I sell your video tutorial online, don’t I have to pay to process credit cards or have it hosted on a platform somewhere where my customers can access it?”

The answer is no! 

You can simply use PayPal to accept payments by creating a button that will generate a payment link for you. Then, you can send that link to your customers via FB messenger Instagram DM, or email.

Yes, PayPal does take a fee out of the transaction amount, but you can build that into your pricing if that worries you. The fee is so small that it’s not something that you should really worry about in the grand scheme of things.

Also, the beauty of when you make a video tutorial is that you only have to do it ONCE, and then you get to sell it over and over again. 

There’s hardly any overhead expenses that you have to worry about.

Think of it like this. Say you are traveling somewhere to teach your craft. You get 10 people who sign up for $100 each. That’s a $1000 right there for the day. 

However, you need to factor in the gas you used to travel there, the time you had to spend teaching the course, and if you needed to get a hotel, food, child care. The list goes on. 

On the flip side, let’s say that you sold 10 of your ONLINE video tutorials in one day at $100 each. You didn’t have to spend any money on travel, nor did you spend any extra time out of your day teaching the craft because you already had it recorded. 

The overhead with the second scenario is tremendously less plus you didn’t have to use up any of your time. Any you can do this day after day after day without extra time, money or effort on your part!

The second part of this Myth that people worry about is hosting their videos online. Where will you keep your videos where only your students can access them?

I have a great solution for you that doesn’t require you to pay anything! 

You can upload your videos to YouTube and have the settings so that only your students with the link can view the video. All you have to do is send your students the link to the video after they pay.

Or what I really love to use is Vimeo because it’s more customizable and professional looking than YouTube. Vimeo has a free version and paid version. You can set it up so people have to have a password to view the videos or a specific link.

So it doesn’t have to cost anything to host your videos somewhere. 

However, if you want to streamline the entire process, I recommend using the online platform called Teachable. There are other platforms out there too, like Kajabi and Thinkific, but I really love Teachable and use it for all of my own online tutorials and courses. 

Using a platform like Teachable is great because everything you need to sell and deliver your tutorial is all in one location. 

You can create a sales page for the tutorial that has a button where your customer can checkout, enter their payment info and instantly have access – They’ll then be directed right to your course.

This requires very little effort on your end and you get paid sometimes while you sleep (aka passive income)!

Platforms like this do have a monthly fee, plus a credit card processing fee, but if you’re going to make a business out of this then I do recommend going with Teachable. 

If you’re just starting out and testing the waters, then you can by all means do it for free with the PayPal/Vimeo route until you know that this is your jam. 😉 

Myth 3: The Tech is Just Too Complicated

Okay, take a deep breath. I know this is a big problem for crafters, makers, and artists. You worried that the tech part of selling online will be too complicated to learn and implement.

Let me tell you what I did when I first started out.

I would video on my phone and then send it to my computer so I could edit it. I would then have to post it on the internet and use up all the hard drive on my computer. It was a nightmare. Way too complicated!

But over the years of creating many online video tutorials, I’ve now simplified that process and I’ve created a FREE Tech Guide.

Grab that guide to quickly see everything you need to get started.

Myth 4: Creating a Craft Tutorial Takes Too Much Time

Creating your first tutorial may take you some time, but think of it is way: you never have to create it again.

You get to sell it over and over again.

So put in the time in the beginning to save you so much time later.

I think video craft tutorials are one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase your revenue in your handmade business. 

Don’t forget to grab my FREE Tech Guide!


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