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3 Things Your Video Tutorial Needs to Reach MAX Sales

One HUGE thing I’ve learned the hard from creating my own handmade video tutorials and working with my students, is why some video tutorials don’t convert, i.e. they don’t sell.

There’s nothing worse than putting all your hard work and time into creating a video tutorial, putting it out into the world, and then hearing crickets.

But thankfully, I have some key tips for you to flip this into a positive and instead, focus on what your video tutorial needs to reach maximum sales.

Let’s cover these three things your handmade tutorial needs for it to be successful and bring in more passive income for you and your business.


1. Give people what they’re asking for

This one is SO IMPORTANT! And if you miss this step, the other two steps won’t work because everything starts from here.

Hear me out, you don’t create the demand – you respond to the demand that is already there.

This is what I mean…
The key to being successful with your tutorial is that you need to give your customers what they want and what they’re asking for, not what you THINK they need.

So let’s back up a few steps here and answer the question of how do you figure out what your audience wants.

The first step is that you need to identify who your ideal customer is. You have to define WHO you are making this video tutorial for.

Pro Tip: You can’t serve all the people all the time – and you don’t want to!

Take some time to brainstorm who you want to serve and get really specific here about exactly who that one ideal person is that will buy and LOVE your video tutorial. You know, that one person who is going to tell all of their friends about how awesome your video is!

From there, you get to start actually (like, for real) asking your audience, which you ideal customer is hiding in, what they want next from you.

If you don’t already have an audience, or maybe the audience you have built isn’t the perfect fit for this tutorial video, no worries! Hop into different Facebook groups where your ideal customer is hanging out and start engaging with them, or start sending DMs to some Instagram people that you think might be a good fit for the direction you want to head in.

Here’s what you can do:
Go into a FB group and create a new post asking a simple question with options of what they might be interested in learning next in relation to your crafting talents.

Pro Tip: Don’t create a poll. Type out your question because that way each time someone comments on it, the post gets moved back to the top of the group page. With a poll, it will just keep moving down the FB group’s feed (unless people are actually commenting on it).

Once you have some validation from your ideal customer that they’ll want your video tutorial idea, then you can start creating it. But, don’t start making it before completing this step first.


2. Show people the value in your offer

Now that you have the perfect customer in mind and you’ve created your craft tutorial with your ideal customer in mind, your next step is to make sure that this person actually sees the value in your offer.

Here’s what you need to do make sure you’re communicating with your audience about the offer so they see the value in what you’re selling:

-Solve a very specific problem for them, not just a general one.

Make sure that you’re speaking to your ideal customer directly, and talking about the pain points that they may have.

Your tutorial will solve these problems for your ideal customer and make it a no brainer that they need YOU to teach them (more on this in the last step).

-Be extremely clear what your offer is and all the features included.

This is important because you not only want to be clear about what problem you are solving, but you also what to be clear about what’s in your tutorial.

List out all the awesome features that they’ll get when they buy your video tutorial and include bonuses so that your customer is getting way more than they originally thought. And be sure to communicate clearly everything that is included in the offer.

-Over-deliver on your offer and make the value 10x more than what you’re charging.

This plays off the last point because you want to make sure that with your offer and bonuses the overall value of what you are selling is 10x more than what you’re actually charging.

By adding bonuses to your offer, you’re increasing your customer’s perceived value.

The customer’s perceived value should be more than what they’re actually going to pay for it and this will make it hard for them to walk away.

So great video tutorial bonus ideas are supply lists, written instructions, blue prints or patterns, extra tips and tricks for success.


3. Don’t miss the main ingredient in your offer that makes it irresistible

You’re almost done creating the perfect offer for your customer but you want to make sure you don’t miss this last step.

Make sure that what you’re offering is IRRESISTIBLE. You need to make it a complete no brainer for your customer.

How do you do this? Here is a HUGE hint.

HINT – your offer is NOT your tutorial. Your offer is a solution to a problem that your ideal customer has.

When you highlight that your tutorial solves a problem for your customer, they’ll start to see why they need it right now and why they should pay you for it, instead of just hopping over to YouTube.

If you aren’t sure what problem you are solving, you should go back to the people who said they’d want your tutorial and ask them why they’d want it. The key here is getting an answer that ties back to a specific problem or emotion of your ideal customer – the specific reason you made this video tutorial in the first place.

Everything in your offer – the video tutorial, the features, the bonuses, the benefits – will point back to the problem your customer is having and when you do this correctly, your tutorial becomes the irresistible solution.

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