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Making Courageous Decisions and Saying Goodbye to Limiting Beliefs, so You Can Start (and Explode) Your Handmade Product Business

Limiting beliefs are enough to stop your business in its tracks, if not expunged immediately… However, this simple decision-making trick will help you push past those limits to launch your handmade business to new heights.

I’ve helped hundreds of students overcome obstacles when launching their handmade product businesses.

Time and time again, the biggest struggle I see my students have actually stemmed from themselves! They let FEAR trap them in a box of inaction (or ineffective action).

  • Fear of No One Buying Their Products
  • Fear of Becoming a Meme or Getting Judged on the Internet
  • Fear of Failing

Whatever it is that my students “fear,” it has a devastating impact on their businesses.

This fear puts limits, or walls up, that handmade business owners can’t seem to knockdown.


Because many crafters lack the confidence to challenge what they’ve always been told (or told themselves), stalling their decision-making abilities, and stunting their potential growth.

How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are something you think is true that somehow limits you. This belief might be about you, others, or the world.

Think of limiting beliefs as invisible barriers between your current reality and the reality you could create. They’re the roadblock keeping you from your dream destination… and the master constructor of these barriers… is fear.

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.” — Louise Hay

Examples of common limiting beliefs handmade business owners tell themselves include:

  • I’m not good enough/cut out for this
  • I’m not confident/experienced enough
  • They won’t like me/my products
  • People don’t want/need more of X, Y, or Z

Limiting beliefs KEEP you stuck!

Frozen by fear, indecision, and constant self-doubt inhibit any type of growth your business could (and should) experience. It’s time to decide what limiting belief is no longer a fit for you, so you can move past it.

By understanding what is holding you back, you can begin to discover how to push past it. And one of the best ways to push past limiting beliefs is to…

Are You Making Decisions Based on FAITH or FEAR?

Faith-based decision making flips the script on those limiting beliefs. Instead of shrinking our goals to fit inside the limiting box of our current reality, we expand our mind to the possibilities of our dream reality… and make decisions based on what we want to accomplish (not what we think we can accomplish).

For example, bulk purchases.

  • Fear-Based Decision: Not buying in bulk (even though it’s cheaper) because you aren’t sure if you will be able to sell it and make any money.
  • Faith-Based Decision: Buying materials for your craft business knowing that you can create something and sell it for more, so you make a big purchase.

Now, which decision sounds more confident and growth-minded? Faith-based, of course!

By deciding to no longer believe your fears or limiting beliefs, you can begin to accomplish things you never imagined (because you used to limit yourself… but not anymore!).

But, let me warn you, this change is easier said than done. It’s downright uncomfortable at times.

How to Overcame Limiting Beliefs

When I was a brand new sheep rancher, I was a single mom and living in debt. I lived in fear every month of wondering how I was going to pay my rent or make purchases for my daughter.

I was in debt.

This went on for a while until I got to the point I was just DONE. I decided I wasn’t going to stay in fear anymore and that I needed to put myself out there at craft shows and start selling online.

I risked the chance of no one buying anything.

But that was more comfortable than not knowing how I was going to pay bills.

With this single step in the right direction, I took yet another leap of faith… as one of the scariest decisions of my life. I hired an online marketing coach.

For $900 a month, I asked this expert to show me how the internet worked and how I could get customers online. Remember, I still didn’t even know how I was going to pay rent let alone afford this monthly bill.

But, I needed to invest in myself. I needed to make this work.

This online coach gave me the tools needed to explode my business online and I easily covered that monthly payment AND rent. So, what was my limiting belief?

“I don’t know how to make more money”

“I only can make enough to cover my bills”

I carried these beliefs with me for years, until I decided to have some faith in myself and make those two courageous decisions. And here’s how you can too:

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Fear

Amika Ryan Shepherd Like A GirlFear is NORMAL and it means your a healthy individual. It lets us know when there’s potential danger nearby, and that it is time to ACT before that danger eats us up alive.

Step 2: Make the Uncomfortable Decision

Amika Ryan Shepherd Like A Girl

Choose to make that fearful decision, but do it with faith that you are worth it. While you may not be confident yet, each step forward through this process will provide more confidence-boosting decision-making abilities.

Step 3: Courageous Changes Lead to Self-Confidence!

Amika Ryan Shepherd Like A GirlI encourage you to make that big scary decision because your confidence will be on the other side! Follow the steps, and have faith that your business is worth it… that YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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